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Welcome to Bottomley Distillers

The home of Pin Gin

We are a Lincolnshire based Gin producer that has formulated a unique and enticing gin with a special flavour that is appealing to the seasoned gin buff and newcomers alike.

Pin Gin Lincolnshire's Premier Gin

Lincolnshire is remarkable and full of history. Isaac Newton watched an apple fall from a tree in Woolsthorpe; the first tomatoes grown in the UK were planted near Stamford; even Henry IV was born in Bolingbrook castle. We thought that we should honour the past, the present and the future in creating Lincolnshire’s first gin. Pin Gin.

In the early 1990’s, Alan, our Head Distiller learned the process of distilling spirits from his father. For many years those inherited techniques have been sat in the back of his mind, until one fateful day, on the drive to work, he decided to revisit this learned knowledge. He returned home to inform his partner Amy that they were going to ‘make gin and grow Christmas trees’, naturally Amy wasn’t as enthused by the idea! After many late nights and discussions with friends, family and like-minded acquaintances, it became apparent that Gin should be on the menu.

So here we are, we have been working tirelessly to create a gin that celebrates everything that Lincolnshire has to offer, whilst being the counties very first gin offering, we think that we have something that we can all be a little bit proud of!

We hope that you enjoy your Pin & Tonic!


More than simply Gin and Tonic

In times gone by, gin has not been treated with the respect it deserves. The unique flavours of the spirit were muted in a sea of fizzy water and an abundance of over-powering citrus. Thankfully, awareness in the subtle goodness of gin is now on the menu and the versatility of Pin Gin ensures that mixes and cocktails involving the spirit are as numerous as your imagination can take them.

Spring / Summer

Serve in a balloon glass with 50ml Pin Gin, fresh strawberries and a squeeze of a fresh lime. Topped up with a premium tonic, we enjoy FeverTree.

Autumn / Winter

Serve in a martini glass with 50ml Pin Gin, a cinnamon stick and a curl of orange peel. Topped up with a premium tonic, we enjoy FeverTree.

Happy Drinkers are our aim

We would love to hear from you

If you have a question for us, feedback or simply want to chat all things gin, then please get in touch!

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