Kindness - Part 1 - Jassies

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week is this week and this years theme is kindness!

We wanted to show our appreciation to a handful of local businesses who have adapted their working ways to provide a service to people that have meant they have a little bit of normal at home.

To kick off day one, we would like to shine a bloody big light on Jassies.

If you don't know who they are, then here we go. Jassies is a hybrid of a few different areas, serving delicious own blend of Jassies Coffee to go with your perfectly prepared pancakes, paninis or brownies! Kayleigh and her small team run the most fabulous little shop, with so much to offer.

When we descended into lockdown, Kayleigh took all of the baking on herself and commenced working from home to provide treats for everyone with a delivery service. With the help of her partner and mum, they have been working tirelessly for the last 9 weeks, to make sure that cakes and bakes have been making their way across Louth and our surrounding villages.

I have noticed the sheer demand for Kayleigh's delicious treats and people more than ever wanting to make sure isolation occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and the like, have something a little extra special. Watching via social media, Kayleigh has been able to adapt her business and work so hard to make sure that everyone gets their incredibly tasty treats so we just wanted to show her a little bit of kindness.

In a world before lockdown, the team used to offer all town centre workers a coffee for £1.50, which is just the loveliest gesture and very much appreciated by our little community!

We wanted to give Kayleigh a little treat and so delivered her a beautiful bunch of flowers, which we popped to All Occasions in Louth to make up for us and under her partner Jakes' recommendation, we took her a bottle of our Premium Pink and a little box of goodies.

I chose not to take pictures whilst I was delivering the gifts, I just stopped and had a little chat as to why we have chosen to do this!

I hope that you enjoyed the box Kayleigh and here's to see you all properly in Jassies after lockdown!


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