Kindness - Part 2 - The Wood Shed Pizza

Updated: May 20, 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week is this week and this years theme is kindness!

We wanted to show our appreciation to a handful of local businesses who have adapted their working ways to provide a service to people that have meant they have a little bit of normal at home.

Day Two and the limelight shifts to The Wood Shed Pizza.

Have you had a Wood Shed pizza? If the answer is no, WHY NOT!? Scott and Dawn opened up The Wood Shed Pizza in 2018 and have been the talk of the town ever since!

All of their delicious pizzas are served in fully biodegradable packaging, the 'plastic' pots are made from corn starch! Even the wood used in the pizza oven is sourced from a fully sustainable 10 year planting program and is seasoned to ensure less smoke.

We are lucky enough to be near neighbours to the team and so get to see first hand how hard they work. The team have been receiving thousands (that's not an exaggeration) of calls, every time their order lines open and managing expectation is so hard.

As well as working within their regular parameters, they launched something called The Kids Shed a couple of weeks ago, which we just loved! The proceeds from this project were split and donated to the East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service and The Community Larder. Everyone purchasing these kids kits received all of the ingredients to make their own pizza at home and they sold out within 2 hours of the campaign going live! It was so lovely watching all of the photos of the children making their pizzas at home!

In the world before lockdown, the team had their little pop up shop, selling beautiful wares within the waiting area and all profits go to the East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service. They also are very aware of supporting local suppliers and using the best fresh ingredients using J Shaw & Son.

We wanted to give Dawn and Scott a little treat and so delivered her a beautiful bunch of flowers, which we popped to All Occasions in Louth to make up for us and knowing that Dawn likes a G+T, we took her a bottle of our Valencian Orange and a little box of goodies.

I chose not to take pictures whilst I was delivering the gifts, I just stopped and had a little chat as to why we have chosen to do this!

I hope that you enjoyed the treats Dawn and Scott, here's to see you all properly in after lockdown!


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