Kindness - Part 3 - Spill The Beans

Mental Health Awareness Week is this week and this years theme is kindness!

We wanted to show our appreciation to a handful of local businesses who have adapted their working ways to provide a service to people that have meant they have a little bit of normal at home.

Day Three and the limelight shifts to Spill The Beans.

Spill The Beans are the regions famous loose food shop. Focusing on quality, they deliver a service offering consumers a more ethical choice of shopping for their ingredients, health foods and baking items. You take your own containers to refill an array of items from nuts to detergents.

Tim started the business with his father in 1987, with the vision of an old fashioned corner shop and Spill The Beans was born. Mike joined the team more recently. We have met Mike a handful of times, usually when we've run out of juniper berries or something daft and Mike has gotten us out of a sticky situation!

How many times have you seen someone post on social media since lockdown "Does anyone know who has flour in stock" or "Flour shelves are empty"! Well, these guys have completely changed their business, adapting to offering a delivery service, to bring that flour to your door!

The team started running deliveries to all over the county, in response to increased demand for baking goods, as everyone at home commenced baking their own bread and cakes during the COVID-19 lockdown. They have been communicating with their customers, new and old through their Facebook page, which is what grabbed my attention. It was evident that Mike and his team were working incredibly hard to ensure that everyone is getting what they want. Adapting an entire business model overnight and working dusk 'til dawn to make that happen is really hard. The day I saw a post go out, which had to ask people to be kind to them and their hard working team, I couldn't help but feel angry for them.

It is so very clear that Mike, Tim and the whole team are working incredibly hard, putting themselves and their families safety AFTER the needs of their customers, so we just wanted to give Mike a little treat to say thanks for keeping Louth baking!

We delivered Mike a bottle of our Rum Cat complete with pirate eye patch and a box of goodies!

I chose not to take pictures whilst I was delivering the gifts, I just stopped and had a little chat as to why we have chosen to do this!

I hope that you enjoyed the treats Mike, here's to see you all properly in after lockdown!


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