Lincolnshire Grain Whisky Spirit

You didn’t think we were only going to stick to gin did you?

If you haven’t heard yet, well, where have you been… But, for those who do not know already, we’ve only gone and made a whisky spirit! We’re super excited about this incredible new project here at Bottomley Distillers! However, before we get into our perfect serves, so you can enjoy our Whisky Spirit, it’s only fair to give you a little back story.


The story behind our Lincolnshire Grain Whisky Spirit:

First of all, let’s take you all the way back to the 1950’s - where Alan’s father started distilling his very own whisky. His passion for distilling was not short lived, and only grew stronger bottle by bottle! Fast forward a fair few years to the 80’s, Alan had the opportunity to watch and learn the art of distilling from the very best. Furthermore, with the help of Amy, all of that learning amounted to the production of Lincolnshire's very first gin: Pin Gin. Leading us to this current day: where Alan, Amy and the rest of the team at Bottomley Distillers have manufactured their very own Lincolnshire Grain Whisky Spirit, in honour of Alan’s father and inspired from his everlasting passion.


How to serve our Lincolnshire Grain Whisky Spirit:

Here at Bottomley Distillers we have 3 recommended ways for you to enjoy our incredible whisky spirit. (That's if you can even bring yourself to open it yet!)

- Neat, or on the rocks if you prefer your spirit chilled. 

- On the other hand, for those who are against ice as it can diminish some of the deep, complex flavours of the spirit, opt for a drop of room temperature water instead.


Guess what...

We are so excited to announce that our first batch of our Whisky Spirit is now on sale! 

If you would like to purchase a first batch bottle of our Lincolnshire Grain Whisky Spirit and be a part of our story, contact the distillery directly by clicking here.

You may want to hurry though, as this limited run of only 103 bottles are flying out of the distillery! 

Remember, if you want to be updated when we release our founders pack or second batch, you can do this by following us on Twitter and Instagram, and also by liking us on Facebook

Also, don’t forget to tag us in the pictures of yourself enjoying either our whisky or range of gins, we love seeing them! 


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