Orange Espresso Martini

On Saturday Amy's Cocktails LIVE went down a treat, probably went down too well - haha!

We are in a really strange time at the moment, isolation, quarantines, social distancing, all phrases that we didn't really hear of or have any understanding of just a couple of months ago. Which is why we're having to find new ways of entertaining ourselves on a Saturday night!

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Cocktails LIVE went out on Saturday night and is still available for your viewing pleasure!

The Orange Espresso Martini; a play on the classic, very much with a store cupboard ethic and introducing not only gin, but orange gin! Everything is interchangeable and you'll still get a bloody tasty gin cocktail at the end of it!


Valencian Orange Pin Gin - 50ml Get it now!

Espresso - 50ml

Sugar Syrup - 30ml

Coffee Liqueur - 50ml (optional)


Have you got sugar syrup in the fridge? No? Don't worry! It is super easy to make and will keep for about 6 weeks in the fridge. Heat up caster sugar and water in a pan at a ratio of 2:1 (sugar:water) until sugar is dissolved. Leave to cool and decant into a clip top bottle in the fridge! Cocktails for everyone!

Have you got an espresso machine? If yes, brilliant, you'll just need to pull off a double espresso! If not, get your instant coffee and put a good full spoon into a cup then add about a centimer of boiling water, stir it up! If it seems to thick, just add a drop more water!

Take a cocktail shaker, add in your Valencian Orange Pin Gin, Sugar Syrup and Espresso mix, if you have a coffee liqueur on the shelf then add this is too. I didn't have any on Saturday so did this recipe without and it was beautiful! Add all of the ingredients into the shaker and fill to about 2/3 with ice. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

Use a strainer to pour the liquid into a martini glass (if you have one) and ENJOY!


If you haven't got any cocktail tools, you can pick up full sets with everything you need to make some tasty gin cocktails at home for relatively low prices, we've got an example here just from E-Bay, but have a shop around!

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