Single Malt Anyone?

Our first ever casks, arriving in the rain.

When Alan's father used to whip up whisky throughout Alan's childhood, I imagine that he had no idea what the future would hold for his youngest son. After the turn of a century, Alan decided (with my approval) that we were to revisit this skill that he had been fascinated by as a youngster and when we began Bottomley Distillers, the Single Malt was always the destination.

Moving into our new distillery at the end of 2018 gave us the space and approvals for us to embark on our biggest challenge yet. We ordered the equipment and then had 4 months for it to be built to the spec that Alan had spent the previous 6 months designing! We had this time to continue the build on the distillery and the tasting room, getting it ready for the anticipated arrival of the new equipment.



Prior to the new 500ltr copper pot still arriving, we had deliberated over 'her' name. Copper stills are traditionally given female names. When the new guy arrived, as soon as we were unpacking and saw him, in all his glory, we knew that he wasn't a girl. So it was only right to name him after the first and original Mr Bottomley. It was official and Stansfield stood tall.

We are now in the process of producing our first ever Lincolnshire Grain, Single Malt Whisky. As far as we are aware, by the time our spirit has laid for 3 years and a day (the legal requirement for it to be a whisky), we will be only the 5th Single Malt in England and most certainly the first in Lincolnshire.

Our grain to glass Lincolnshire Single Malt will be not only honouring the original Mr Bottomley, but leaving a legacy for Molly our third generation distiller. She does already ask to smell the gin when she comes into the distillery!

Cheers Stan!


To enquire about private purchase of any first edition cask, please get in touch!

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