Winning to Make a Difference!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Back in June, we were shortlisted in three catagories at the Lincolnshire Technology and Innovation Awards, something that we have never entered before as our distillery has always been on the edge of the technology sector. This year, we thought that we would give it a go! With our new, custom built PLC panels,

we are making the changes to help our future.



Our vision is clear, if we, as one of the little guys, can make changes to our processes that have a positive impact on our energy and water usage, then there is hopefully inspiration for others to follow suit.

In an industry worth over £1.9 billion to the UK alone last year, us little guys are actually a big part of the picture when it comes to gin production. With it being estimated that there are over 1000 brands of gin currently hailing from the UK.

So what did we win?

We went along and were over the moon to be announced as Highly Commended in the Micro Business of the Year category. But more importantly, crowned as winners for the Innovation in Sustainability Award 2019. In the world we live in today and the work that we have put into this project, we could not have been prouder with this recognition.

What is sustainable about gin production?

I hear you ask, what on earth are we doing to help the ... well, earth?!

So, when we first started our production of Pin Gin, efficiency was key. Mainly as we had a little baby Molly and Alan still worked full time, so the ability to be able to press 'go' and the control panel be in charge of the distillation, was always really important for us. The PLC that now controls Stansfield, our 500ltr copper pot still, has been designed and installed by PDC Electrical, under Alan's watchful eye! This new equipment is one of a kind and has over 18,000 lines of code, meaning our little box is full of self learning algorithms that teach the programs to run at their most optimum efficiencies. In terms that I understand, that means that if, for example, a distillation is running and the temperature probes realise that they could save a little bit on energy and still reach the desired temperature, then it will just cut off a little earlier next time! This means that even though some of the variables will change from one distillation to the next, all of the equipment should be running at its most optimum efficiency and not a degree of heat, a kilowatt of energy or a drop of water will be wasted!

Stansfield, our 500ltr Copper Pot Still.

And we're pretty pleased with that!

If you ever want to find out more about what we're up to, or have a tour of the distillery then you can now book online!

Our sustainable process follows the grain after it becomes a waste product too. Once the mash is complete and we have extracted what we want, the spent grain goes off to local farms to help feed the cows!

We carry our responsibilities through to serving our G+T's, where we will always use Vegware cups, made from plants and fully compostable, along with paper straws. Cheers!

If you haven't already, then have a look at our full range here!

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